Although from a technical standpoint, a simple installation can be done in a matter of hours, the following estimates are based on real-life experience with customer who start from scratch, with no previous knowledge about e-learning and augmented learning. We will guide and support you in this process, and make sure you start successfully!

Up and running

3 days

We can have you up and running in 3 days,
in a fully operational e-Learning platform.

Your LMS | Learning Management System

We will install your LMS on our specialized servers, with the state-of-the-art Leeloo LXP Augmented Learning theme. It includes over 20 UX/UI improvements out-of-the-box.

  • The Leeloo LXP aLearning theme is free to use
  • You can install the Leeloo LXP aLearning theme yourself, or we can do it for you ($300 all included: the theme and over 20 plugins)
  • You can host your LMS on the server of your choice or host it on the Leeloo LXP specialized and fully managed servers (starts at $3600/year)

Go mobile!

3 days
Do you need/want LMS mobile apps?
We can set that up for you too

Your mobile apps

Your (default) LMS mobile app
The default LMS app is also free to use

Boost it!

3 days
Do you need help installing and customizing plugins?
We got you covered

Your Leeloo LXP custom plugins

  • Leeloo LXP proprietary plugins, from design to dynamic content and specialized features
    Included for free with your managed hosting with us

Student experience

7 days
Augmented Learning

    Your Leeloo LXP | Learning Experience Platform

    • ? Attendance reports with schedules Attendance Tracker
    • ? Time spent on selected activities and massive reporting Learning Activities Tracker
    • ? Remote assessments made possible. Certify students anywhere! Cheat Prevention Engine
    • ? Sell courses, tickets and subscriptions right in your platform Payments and accounting
    • ? All students’ data in a single place Students Relationship Management
    • ? Human resources, payroll, accounting, task and time tracking, project management... Automated Back Office
    • ? Academic live and recorded sessions Video-Conferences
    • ? Better serve your students and prospects Enhanced Service Center
    • ? Collaborative content creation for your courses, with processes and version control Enhanced Workplace
    • ? Chat, audio and video calls right on your website and apps Students Messenger
    • ? Build your own private and secure community Academic Social Network
    • ? Empower your students with success driven tools Learning Projects
    • ? Guide your students step by step automatically Students Dashboard
    • ? Guide your students towards success and improve every day! Learning Analytics
    • ? Drastically increase engagement and participation Advanced Gamification
    • ? Forget about the server hassle, updates, performance tweaks, we're here! Advanced Gamification
    • ? Build a beautiful Moodle front-end! Front end UI/UX plugins

    Go Live!

    7 days

    At this point, we start working together on your pedagogical model and the best practices to implement your institution’s approach to the online training environment.

    • Personal advice on how to go remote
    • Augmented Learning training
    • Course templates matching your pedagogical model
      Save hours of research and frustration and redoing; let us advise you and build your perfect templates


    30 days

    Your custom design, website and mobile | 4 to 8 weeks

    In tandem with your pedagogical model, we can start working on your website and mobile apps design and development. Unless you prefer to keep Moodle (free) default design for both.

    • You can start and launch your platform with a default template for your website and your apps. You can run it on the default look and feel for as long as you want. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of Moodle installations out there, and most of them use a default template.

    If you consider that your institution branding and marketing are a big part of your business model, you should consider a custom development for both your website and your apps.

    We can build your custom theme in 4 to 8 weeks. And yes, you can use your platform in the meantime: this development will be done in a sandbox, separate from your production website.


    Backorder notification

    Please plan your order ahead

    Due to the global pandemic, our customization services might be back-ordered. We always do our best to deliver your platform on time.

    Please help us serve you better by ordering your enhanced classroom with as much time ahead as possible.